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Central National Herbarium

Central National Herbarium, the largest herbarium in South East Asia, is situated within the Indian Botanic Garden at Shibpur in West Bengal. It was established by the Botanical Survey of India.The Central National Herbarium, popularly known as CNH, one of the oldest and largest herbaria in the world, was established in 1795 by Dr. William Roxburgh, the first regular Superintendent of the East India Company’s Garden at Shibpore, Howrah. Dr. N. Wallich (1815 – 1846), the successor of William Roxburgh developed this herbarium to a great extent. The herbarium and the associated Library were moved to a fire and moisture proof double-storied building, built adjacent to Roxburgh’s house in 1883 by Sir George King, the founder Director of Botanical Survey of India. In 1971, a new L-shaped, four storied centrally air conditioned building was constructed to accommodate the ever-increasing herbarium specimens. Apart from the collections within the Indian sub-continent, the herbarium houses a large number of collections from different parts of the globe, which were received from different herbaria as a gift or on exchange basis. Presently the Central National Herbarium possesses about 2.5 million of herbarium sheets belonging to nearly 350 families of plants, which are arranged according to Bentham and Hooker’s system of classification. The area under the jurisdiction of Central National Herbarium is confined to the states of West Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand. CNH has a separate Paleontology and Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) units. The Central National Herbarium is the nerve center of plant taxonomic research and related activities in India, which caters to the needs of revisionary workers as well as monographers in India and abroad.

Central National Herbarium

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