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Dhananjay Bhattacharya
Dhananjay Bhattacharya son of Surendranath Bhattacharya was one of the finest Bengal singers. He was a great versatile Shyama Sangeet singer. He was eight years elder than his younger brother Pannalal.

Dhananjay Bhattacharya was born in 10.09.1922. He studied in Rivers Thompson School, Bally, Howrah.

His first song aired on All India Radio (Akashvani) at the age of 16 in 1938. He started his career by singing modern Bengali as well as Hindi songs. His first song was "Jadi bhule jao more, janabo na abhiman." in the year 1940 from Pioneer Company.

His first playback however was in the year 1943. He was best known for singing Shyama Sangeet. Out of the total 24 songs in the movie Sadhak Ramprasad(1956), Dhananjay sang 23 songs.He had the rarest of rare quality of singing any type or form of songs including Modern Bengali, Hindustani Classical Music, Rabindra Sangeet, Kirtan, Bhajan, Baul, Ramprasadi(of Ramprasad Sen), Nazrul Geeti, Shyama Sangeet etc . He had a unique voice quality that is unparallel with a range incomparable with any vocalist till today. May be for this reason nobody dares to sing his songs which are not only unique but also very difficult to render yet they are catchy and soothing and seem to be very simple when we hear him.His singing career lasted more than fifty years. No. of records of his songs is 500. He was also a lyricist and wrote near about 400 songs in the name of "Shri Partha" and "Shri Ananda". He acted in few films like "Nababidhan", "Pasher Bari", etc..

Dhananjay was married. Some people say that he and Pannalal both wanted to please Kali by offering her their songs. According to them Dhananjay received the grace of the divine mother, but Pannalal didn't, and so he committed suicide, and after his death, Dhananjay bore the responsibility of Pannalal's family, along with his own. He died in 1992. In his last days, Dhananjay stayed in a mess away from his house due to some unknown reasons. He had three sons and out of them only Dipankar has taken the onus upon him to carry the legacy of his father.

As Playback singer
Mahaprasthaner Pathey(1952)
Sharey Chuattar(1953)
Naba Bidhan(1954)
Rani Rashmoni(1955)
Shreebatsa Chinta(1955)
Sadhak Ramprasad(1956)
As Actor
Naba Bidhan(1954) as Abinash
Sharey Chuattar(1953)
Pasher Bari
Shoshur Bari
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Born  :  10th September, 1922
Died : 27th December,1992